Strategy, Planning, & Solutions

We specialize in helping you construct your strategy and put your plan
into action
—all while meeting your overall business goals and objectives.

We use an interactive approach to developing and executing a solid implementation
system. Our mission is to be your partner in making your vision a reality.


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Clairrant Partners began in 1997 with operations in Omaha, Nebraska
with a commitment to providing clients with first class services.

Laura Schabloske

Laura Schabloske is managing partner. She is a dynamic articulate high performing professional with more than two decades of experience in marketing, operations, development and sales in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas. Strengths focus on strategy, professional relationships and network building, coaching and engaging teams through a collaborative management style. Passionate about bridging generational teams in the workplace with trust and accountability, producing high performing work environments.


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Strategy Development

No matter what your organization’s size, whether you are a business or a non-profit organization, you have a present and a future. You can always count on change. We assist you in developing a plan to reach your goals using organizational knowledge, research and industry expertise to build a strategic plan to help you succeed.

Business Planning

We know growing your business or donor base is not always an easy task. Our goal is to help you implement growth strategies to increase your results. We work alongside your organization, evaluate your systems, and assist in building your infra-structure and improving your processes…..and your business results.


We work with you to develop creative, innovative and targeted strategies to communicate the value of your organization to your various targeted markets. Additionally, we can act as a liaison for you when multiple vendors are in the mix by blending data to create efficient systems which quantify your return on investment.

Coaching & Team Building

When you need outside help in motivating your employees, board members or volunteers to be a cohesive team working together toward common goals, we can help. Clairrant Partners has a unique and fun approach to team building which is customized for each client, based on your goals and objectives. We also specialize in employee and management coaching.

Speaking/Workshops/Facilitation Services

Need a key note speaker or conference expert to inspire, engage and educate your audience? Our team has presented to all types of groups, bringing a humorous and energetic voice to annual meetings, board retreats, conferences, and company meetings. We also provide workshop, meeting and retreat facilitation

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